Enter the Middle East Paper Industry Expo and create the future for the paper industry!


From April 16th to 18th local time, the Middle East and North Africa International Exhibition for Manufacturing and Tissue and Processing Industry was grandly held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. As an expert in the field of domestic tissue equipment, Dechangyu Machinery made a brilliant appearance at this event with a professional team and cutting-edge technology.


In this international major exhibition, many industry elites gathered together. The team of Dechangyu attracted a large number of visitors with their professionalism and enthusiastic service.


During the exhibition, we specially launched Dechangyu's products - advanced embossing and printing solutions, aiming to help customers' products achieve market differentiation and enhance their market competitiveness.


Environmental protection and sustainable development are core issues in the paper industry. From the beginning of product design, Dechangyu has deeply rooted this concept in its heart. Our products are equipped with industry-leading automatic cleaning functions, which not only greatly improve production efficiency but also ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of production, while significantly reducing the environmental impact.


Looking forward to the future, Dechangyu promises to continue to promote technological innovation and is committed to promoting domestic high-quality technology and products to the international market, helping global tissue enterprises to achieve intelligent production.